News for April . . .

A new Isabel Sharpe release on the shelves!  Nothing to Hide which was so fun to work on because I got to describe the heroine Allie seducing the fabulous and wealthy Jonas Meyer wearing an assortment of vintage lingerie and costumes.  Great research!  

Here's my blurb:  How much vintage lingerie does it take to seduce a billionaire?  Allie McDonald knows, but her lakeside catch-and-release plan backfires, when sexy Jonas Meyer hooks her instead.

Sounds fun, but I'm telling you, writing a short blurb for a big book is not easy.  

Just turned in Some Like It Hotter, first of a 2-book series, in which two very different sisters--intense New Yorker Chris and laid-back Californian Eva--switch lives. Trucking in stereotypes, yes, but it makes for a fun story.

And don't forget to check out my foodie piece on the 15th of every month at the Blaze authors blog.  


April 1, 2014