Some Like it Hotter Cover

Some Like it Hotter

Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick!

Bored of the mellow central California lifestyle she thought she needed, free-spirit Eva Meyer swaps coasts and coffee shops with her hard-charging Manhattanite sister Chris, and finds all the excitement she wanted—plus a whole lot more. 

Urbane wine executive Ames Cooke knows what he wants in a woman.  Elegance and sophistication top his list.  But when he comes into NYEspresso for a quick cup of coffee, quirky, colorful Eva takes one look at his supremely sexy self and decides what he wants isn’t going to matter.

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Thrilled to be back at NYEspresso, her sister Chris’s Manhattan coffee shop, which Eva would be managing for the next month, she swung around.  A large bouquet of flowers was walking toward her on male legs. 

The flowers lowered.  Eva’s heart stopped. 

Okay, not really, that would be ridiculous, because she’d collapse, but it sure felt as if everything inside her and in the whole world had paused to note this auspicious occasion.

Thick short hair that looked as if he’d tried hard to style it but the strands refused to lie flat.  Deep brown eyes under dark brows.  High cheekbones, a lean jaw.  Full mouth, with a faint groove on either side.  The shadow of masculine stubble.  A small gold stud in one ear.  Expensive dark suit, subtly patterned silk tie in blue, burgundy and beige.  Gold watch.  Perfectly shined shoes.

That was him.  Her soulmate.  Her man, her One Great Love Eternal, acronym OGLE.

Or at least he was her next hot fling.

“Chris here?”  Her soulmate put the flowers on the counter, glancing at Eva before he addressed the barista, Jimx.  She was used to making no impression on a guy like this.  But that wouldn’t last long,

“Chris is not.”  Jinx beckoned another customer over.

“I was—”  Her Perfect Man yanked an iPhone from his pocket and poked at it irritably.

“Hi.”  Eva stepped forward, her hand out.  “I’m Chris’s sister, Eva.”

“Uh-huh.”  He continued to peer at his phone, reading intently.

“The woman you’re going to marry.  We’ll have beautiful children.  I’m thinking five or six.  We should get started on that soon, since I’m already twenty-eight.”

He lifted his head suddenly.  Their eyes locked.  Well hers locked.  He kind of glanced at her, then did a double-take, like, what are you looking at?  “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Nothing important.”  She smiled sweetly, held out her hand again.  Just concerning the rest of our lives together.  Or, more likely the rest of the month.  “You were busy. What’s your name?” 

“Ames Cooke.  You visiting?”  Ames was looking around, undoubtedly still hoping Chris would emerge from the back of the shop. 

Ames Cooke.  She thought so.  He was very mistakenly trying to date her sister when of course she was the one for him.  “I’m taking over for Chris for a month.”

His attention zoomed back to her.  “Chris?  What’s wrong?  Where is she?”

Look how nice of him to be concerned.  A thoughtful guy.  “She’s at my place in California.  We switched lives for a month.”

“You switched—”  Ames was clearly having trouble processing that one.  But maybe the fact that his supposed beloved had left town without letting him know would help him understand that he and Chris were not destined to be together forever.  Whereas he and Eva . . .

At least for a month.  “So what are you doing tonight, Ames?”

As she expected, he looked startled, glanced at his watch, face reddening slightly.  “I’m due at . . .  I’m . . . I have . . .”

“Wow.  That sounds fabulous.”

He laughed in surprise.

“I just arrived today from California, so I’m going to take it easy tonight.”  She put the vase on the counter over the pastry.  “Maybe order take-out, because I hear you can get anything delivered in this city.”


She threw him a flirty look over her shoulder.  “Even you?”

Ames blinked.  “Even me what?”

Eva beamed.  This was going to be so fun.  “If I was home bored and wanted company, could I pick up a phone and order you?”